Our custom made cowboy boots are as original as you are. That's because you design them. Never mass produced, you determine the type of boot top, the inlay, and the skins and our talented bootmakers begin the Bootmaking process. Murga Boots are redefining custom cowboy boots' significance in American culture. Gone are the days of purchasing cowboy boots strictly for their utilitarian purposes; those days have made way for the multi use today's boots offer. This is only part of the reason our boots have become a mainstay in the American Bootmaking process. 

Pricing is determined by the amount of work involved in the design. All artwork  must be faxed or emailed to us to quote the cost of the project. Client must sign off on the design concept and cost. Currently the start price for  custom artwork on Boots is $1800.00.
Indian Chief Alligator Boot $2,100.00
Bohemia Logo Cowboy Boots Black
U.S.A. Boots $1600.00~Designed 9/11/01
USA Boot Vamp
USA in Memorium 09/11
Bohemia Logo Green Python Boots
Dallas Cowboys
Smokin Flame Dice Vamp
Daytona Checkered Race Flame Boot with Flag tops
Daytona Checkered Race Flame Boot
Stars on Black vamp Magic Motors