COWBOY BOOTS - Designed by Tony Murga ~USA Hand made boots 

Since the first USA made boots were handcrafted in Texas around 1878, ranchers, cowboys, and anyone else who required rugged and custom made boots have sought the perfect bootmaker. For us, we are certain we have the finest bootmakers in the business. Not since the first bootmaker from Indiana arrived in Texas to set up the first bootmaker shop has such pride been taken in custom Bootmaking. We provide the finest USA made boots available anywhere. Quality materials, attention to detail and bootmakers who settle for nothing less than perfection in his efforts have been a constant since Murga Boots' inception in 1987.

We welcome the opportunities to custom create your Murga boots. We are certain once you slide into your pair of custom boots, you will never again settle for mass produced boots. Custom made boots differ from anything else you have any your wardrobe. You will appreciate the importance and feel of custom boots.

Today's cowboy boots offer the same rugged construction of those from days past. And, many of the same concepts in today's boots follow the same design reasoning such as the traditional crafted heel that's beneficial for bracing against a rope and the pointed toes (if you so choose) that were initially designed to fit stirrups with less resistance. The differences are the advances made toward comfort and the available ways to personalize one's boots. It's our belief we have combined the practical and personal aspects in our creations.

CUSTOM LEATHER JACKETS ~ Designed by Tony Murga

Quality leathers, expert craftsmanship and made to order all come together as custom leather jackets that are second to none.

Never mass produced in a factory, our leather motorcycle, casual and dress jackets are handcrafted and custom created to your specifications, preferred lengths, and even the number of pockets and zippers. Rugged and assured, custom created leather jackets are as distinctive as the owners and are sure to provide years of great wear. Providing warmth and protection from the elements while adding style and flair, Murga's quality leathers are of the highest quality. They look great with jeans as well, but work fine with dressier clothes too. If it's true that certain pieces provide confidence, this is it. Looking great is a state of mind, but an incredible  leather jacket certainly adds to one's state of mind.

Guitars, Guitar Straps, Harmonica Case ~ Designed by Tony Murga U.S.A. Made
Customized Tele Type Guitars are a work of art through the process of painting, artwork inlayed leather or using full exotic skins to envelope the Guitar Body. Guitar straps are also created to match the design of the Guitar.
If you are looking for a unique Guitar strap for your guitar, we design and make them in an array of beautiful colors and skin selections, from Calf to Exotic skin. 
Custom Harmonica cases hold several Harps, available in several colors and skins, from calf to exotics.
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