Approximate Production/Shipping times are as follows:

Custom Jackets and Belts with NO exotic skins, artwork, inlays, embroidery, names, initials, approximately 14-16 weeks.

Custom Jackets WITH exotic skins, artwork, inlays, embroidery, names, initials, approximately 16-18 weeks.


Custom Boots and Shoes with NO exotic skins, artwork, inlays, embroidery, names, initials, approximately  14-16 weeks.

Custom Boots and Shoes WITH exotic skins, artwork, inlays, embroidery, names, initials, approximately 16-24 weeks.

Custom Boots and Shoes WITH detailed and labor intensive artwork , And/or ordering two or more footwear products at a time,  approximately 24-28 weeks. 

Due to length of footwear production time, and the use of one last per client, we limit client orders to no more than three footwear items, per order. 




WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. We design custom hand made products for each individual clients measurements. Keep in mind that this means each item is made specifically for each client. Because these are not mass produced factory items, they are not returnable for refunds. We guarantee our products to fit, and make what ever adjustments it takes to get the correct fit.


Skin Disclaimer:

We select the best quality of animal skins available that have consistent color and textures, and very little scaring or holes. Some animal skins have what might be considered flaws, but they are not. Although tanners process & treat the animal skins to bring out the best colors, texture and richness of each skin, natural animal skin does come with a variety of color and texture variations, scaring and small holes. All animal skins we use are Farm Raised and legally tagged from U.S. Fish and Game.


We DO NOT SELL, make available or manufacture products from Crocodile Skins. In some markets, products are referred to, labeled or sold as Croc, or Crocodile, when it is in fact Alligator skin or embossed calf skin to look like Crocodile or Alligator skin.


Skins we use and available in California:

American Alligator, Caimen Alligator, Calf skin, Bullhide, Kangaroo, Lambskin, Mulehide, Roughouts(Suede), Ostrich, Ostrich Leg, Stingray, Teju Lizard.